Papa Pear Saga Hack Tool v4.0

Papa Pear Saga Hack

About Papa Pear Saga Game

Papa Pear Saga is a casual game already available on Facebook and soon to be expected on iOS and Android. In this level-based pear shooting game, players throw pears with a funny face from the top in any direction they like. And instead of matching with other pears or balls as in Bubble Safari, the pear bounces off every acorn or other item it hits in the air, breaks them with one or more hits and finally makes its way into one of the buckets with welcoming arms at the bottom. If any pear drops into a bucket, this bucket is lit up and when all those buckets are lit up, you complete the current level.

You can take your time pondering upon where to release the pears for however long you like since there is no concerning time limit. But you have to make your pear bounce against as many items as possible to achieve more scores and light up all the buckets as soon as possible, because once you run out of pears, you fail. And of course, paying real money will get you extra pears.

Papa Pear Saga Hack 2013 Download

Papa Pear Saga Hack Tool Features

– Papa Pear Saga Gold Bars Hack (Unlimited)
– Papa Pear Saga Lives Hack (Unlimited)
– Unlock All Levels on Papa Pear Saga
– Auto Facebook Connect (No Need Facebook Password )

Papa Pear Saga Hack Real Free Download

Below is proof of our Papa Pear Saga Hack. Notice that the Lives are full and Gold Bars are 999,999

Papa Pear Saga Hack Proof

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